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Interesting! Having worked in large firms in various cities, I found that the rules varied hugely between locations. If anyone in San Francisco showed up in hose, theyd be laughed at (unless it was really cold out, which happens in the summer). But in Boston, its probably considered normal. NYC was some where in between I never wore hose, but people definitely dressed up a lot more than on the West coast. My advice: Always overdress the first day, then wear what everyone else is wearing (or slightly more formal). And always, always have a full court outfit hanging on the door, including shoes, so you can change quickly if you need to. And if youre commuting on the sweltering subway, a skirt suit with a nice tank top and flip flops is the perfect option. Carry shoes and change outside, and throw on your jacket on the way into the lobby, and youre good to go.

picked up those same melamine bowls and ptelas from Target right after Christmas last year for half-off! just something to keep in mind this holiday season, you can stock up after the fact in preparation for next year's holiday season and end up spending less than half of what you would otherwise Thanks for the idea of putting the plate & bowl together to make a cake/cookie stand love it!

Merci pour ce billet très intéressant!

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