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We listened to the Variations on Ah vous dirias-je, Mamen (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ) by Mozart. This song was fast at some points and slow at others. It was loud and soft at times also.(forte and piano) This piece was played solo piano. It is not a song I would listen to everyday but I liked the different variations. I counted 17 variations in all. 1st: Seemed basic with a hint of difference from twinkle twinkle little star.2nd : Very uppity and fast, it seemed basic on one hand and advanced on another.3rd: Slowly getting more complex; in my head I can picture a spriling staircase.4th: Seemed to be very advanced on both hand and a lot of harmony going on. I can now see a ribbion flowing in a summer breeze.5th: Seemed to be lower on the Piano. (with the left hand) And a bit more basic than before.6th: Slower and nicer, now seems peaceful.7th: Lower on left hand, and getting higher and very fast on the right.8th: Not so different from the 7th however the left hand seemed slower and the right hand seemed to be fast.9th: Seems like a totally different melody to me. It is slower and sadder, also the left hand is getting lower on the piano.10th: Happier and basic.11th: A bit more advanced and seems mysterious to me.12th: Slow, very slow, basic and easy to play.13th: Slow again seems to be coming to an end.14th: Kind of gets a bit faster and harder to play.15th: Returns to basic melody and again seems easier to play.16th: Climbing faster, louder, lower, more advanced and VERY FAST! This seems to be the climax and ending.17th: Loud and fast then ends. This piece does not create one picture in my head but several at the times of the different variations. Also one thing I noticed is that when the piece grew softer and slower it seemed to be just the major chords on the left hand. Also it seemed that the right hand was always playing 2 octives higher than the left hand. Thats just what I think but I am not sure. This was a great piece and is amazing for one person to have composed!~K.H.

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